Crystal Engelage (Schmerk) 

Laboratory Manager
HBSc (Lakehead University) 
PhD (University of Victoria) 

Crystal performs the essential duties of bridging the gap between the bench and administration.  She prepares and/or manages our human and animal ethics protocols and grant financials. When not buried in paperwork, Crystal investigates protective and pathogenic immunological attributes of metastatic tumor microenvironments in colorectal cancer. She enjoys taking money from the other lab members on poker nights! 

Kyoungok (Janice) Kim

Laboratory Technician
MSc (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)  

Janice has been a technician with the Haeryfar lab since the fall of 2014. She keeps the lab running like a well-oiled machine and takes expert care of our mouse colonies. She’s also a stickler for the rules! 

Courtney Meilleur

Research Scholar
BMSc (Western University)
PhD (Western University) 

Courtney studies cytotoxic T cell responses during co-infection and in the context of antitumour/antiviral vaccination. She currently has two cats, neither of which cares particularly about any of Courtney’s projects!

Joshua Choi

PhD Candidate
MSc (Lakehead University)
HBSc (University of Toronto) 

Josh is working to develop and optimize glycolipid-based immunotherapies for cancer and sepsis.

Patrick Rudak

PhD Candidate
HBSc (McMaster University) 

Patrick investigates how mediators of physiological/psychological stress govern innate-like T cell functions, especially those directed against malignancies.

Tony Yao

MSc Candidate
BMSc (Western University) 

Tony recently completed his honors thesis in our laboratory and has stayed with us to pursue an MSc degree. He is investigating the functions and therapeutic potentials of innate-like T lymphocytes in ovarian cancer.

Jenna Benoit

MSc Candidate
BMSc (Western University)

Jenna is currently investigating the influence of aging and immunosenescence on vaccine-elicited T cell responses. She is also a martial artist and avid thrill-seeker.

Mansour Haeryfar

Principal Investigator
Doctorate in Laboratory Medicine (National University of Iran)
MSc (University of Manitoba)
PhD (Dalhousie University)

Mansour is interested in anticancer immunotherapy and anti-pathogen immunity. He is a soccer player, a collector of ancient coins, and a Seinfeld buff!