Dr. Crystal Engelage (Schmerk) 

Laboratory Manager
HBSc (Lakehead University) 
PhD (University of Victoria) 

Crystal performs the essential duties of bridging the gap between the bench and administration.  She prepares and/or manages our human and animal ethics protocols and grant finances. When not buried in paperwork, Crystal investigates protective and pathogenic immunological attributes of metastatic tumor microenvironments in colorectal cancer. She enjoys taking money from the other lab members on poker nights! 

Rashed Rashu

Laboratory Technican
MSc (University of Manitoba)
BMSc MSc (University of Dhaka,

Rashed recently completed his Masters in Immunology at the University of Manitoba. He is bringing his expertise in immunological techniques to tackle a variety of research projects while also helping to take care of our mouse colonies and other important lab duties.

Dr. Patrick Rudak

Postdoctoral Scholar

PhD (Western University)
HBSc (McMaster University) 

Patrick investigates how mediators of physiological/psychological stress govern innate-like T cell functions, especially those directed against malignancies.

Dr. Marina Ninkov

Postdoctoral Scholar

PhD (University of Belgrade)
MSc ( University of Belgrade ) 

Marina will soon be joining our laboratory, bringing her wealth of experience in immunology, including immunotoxicology, and immunoregulation. We look forward to having her as a part of our team!

Jenna Benoit

MSc Candidate
BMSc (Western University)

Jenna is currently investigating the influence of aging and immunosenescence on vaccine-elicited T cell responses. She is also a martial artist and an avid thrill-seeker.

Alex Michaud

MSc Candidate
HBMSc (Western University)

Alex investigates sepsis-induced immunosuppression with a focus on conventional CD8+ T cell responses. He has a strong passion for science and cooking. If he manages to do either in a day, it’s a good day!

Marcus Doyle

Undergraduate Student

Marcus has joined our lab as a summer student before officially starting as a Masters student in the fall. He’s currently exploring various research projects before choosing an exciting project of his own to pursue.

Nicole Wang

Undergraduate Student

Nicole has joined our lab as a summer student before she begins her honors thesis project in the fall. Her project will focus on the cross-talk between iNKT and MAIT cells in mouse models.

Inbar habaz

Undergraduate Student

Inbar has joined our lab as a summer student to gain experience in T cell immunology. He will be finishing his undergraduate degree at York University in the fall and hopes to pursue a Masters degree in the New Year.

Dr. Mansour Haeryfar

Principal Investigator
Doctorate in Laboratory Medicine (National University of Iran)
MSc (University of Manitoba)
PhD (Dalhousie University)

Mansour is interested in anticancer immunotherapy and anti-pathogen immunity. He is a soccer player, a collector of ancient coins, and a Seinfeld buff!